Green Environment

Living in harmony with the Mother Nature is our philosophical thinking about the way how we should live. Based on this belief, we provide and encourage our customers to use the so-called Green Products.

         SGS  Certification Reports






       The IR profile of Pb-free packages .     

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Quality Program

As a fabless semiconductor company, we work closely with our foundry subcontractors and assembly subcontractors to provide qualified and reliable products to our customers. In addition to routine IQC check for goods from our subcontractors, regular monitoring programs are executed.

All of our manufacturing subcontractor's factories are ISO-9002 certified.




Reliability Program

All of our products go through reliability program to check their resistance to environmental stress, mechanical stress, and electrical stress.

For a detailed description of our product reliability program, please refer to "Avant Product Reliability Program".




Product Characterization

Strict product development flow, product evaluation flow, product testing flow, and product logistics flow are followed to ensure timely delivery of qualified products to our customers.

DC characteristics and AC characteristics of each piece of our product are strictly checked before shipment to our customers.